Arch/Davit System

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The arch/davit system is a relatively new concept but has been gaining popularity with boaters looking to resolve and host of issues from placement of electronics antennas to dingy handling.

The typical arch davit system is primarily designed for the purpose of locating radar, gps, vhf antennas, solar panels and various types of lighting but at the same time,can be used to hoist and store a dingy when making long passages as well as bracing for wind generator masts.

Arch/davits can be built as a stand alone system or can be integrated into an existing stern rail and complimented with in-rail seats to provide additional seating in the cockpit area or just to sit higher for a bird’s eye view. Construction of arch/davits includes 1.5″ diameter double frame tubes with an internal tubular frame to provide stiffness to the system when the dingy is in place. Davit arms are generally removeable from the main arch frame when not required or for winter storage.

As always, we are happy to work with our customers in the design and development of an arch/davit system particularly suited to their boat. Contact us today!