Stainless Stemheads

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In recent years, the need for replacement stemhead fittings has been increasing due to the failure or potential failure of aluminum cast stem fittings used in boat production in the 70’s and 80’s.With the help of waterjet technology and the talents of our design staff, Stainless Outfitters is proud to offer handsome stainless steel fabricated reproductions of oem stemheads and chainplates. In most cases, we are able to enhance the fuctionality of stemheads by designing additional anchor storage and launching capabilities.

These replacement units are usually built for an exact fit with little or no modifications to the deck , fairleads are built in, and units can be faired when dealing with abutting to toerail ends.Stemhead fittings can include the forestay chainplate or can be integrated around an existing independent chainplate.

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