You Probably Come in Contact with Tube Bending Every Day

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People walk around going about their daily activities without a thought as to what went into the many things we come across in a typical day. It might surprise you how many times you come across the work that has been done by a tube bending professional. Some things are behind the scenes such as conduit tubing and pipes that may be inside your home. Others you see and even touch every day.

Tube Bending

For example, when you walk out your apartment building, you likely have a handrail if there are any steps involved. While not all handrails involve tube bending, there are many that do. As you make your way to work, it might interest you that a fair amount of tube bending is involved in the construction of many modes of transportation, including bicycles, motorcycles, and even cars. Once you get to work, you might face yet another handrail made through tube bending.

Not every day is a workday, so let’s think about other places you go on your days off. Yes, you’ll find tube bending at plenty of other places, too. For example, if you head to a local amusement park, you’ll notice plenty of tube bending in place, namely in the foot traffic control lines for rides. If your idea of fun on a day off is heading out on the water, take a look at the many rails found on the boats or yachts, and you’ll see that tube bending is well utilized in the marine industry.

If you have noticed any of these uses and have thought about how tube bending might be useful for your home or business, give us a call at Stainless Outfitters Inc. We are equipped to handle a variety of projects in Barrie, Ontario, including both functional and artistic endeavors. Call today to learn more.