Tube Bending: What Is It and How is It Used?

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Tube bending is a fabrication method of permanently bending metal tubes. There are a variety of ways to accomplish tube bending, including the following.

Tube Bending: What Is It and How is It Used?

  • Press bending- Press bending involves pressing a bend die against the tube to force it into a certain shape.
  • Rotary draw bending- This type of tube bending involves a series of die sets to bend the metal more precisely than press bending can.
  • Roll bending- In this method, a tube is put through a machine of three or four rollers. The rollers rotate and apply force to the tube that eventually bends it into the desired shape.
  • Heat induction bending- As the name implies, heat is used to make the tube easier to shape. When the tube is hot enough, it is held by a clamp as a pivot die applies force to bend it.

These are only a few methods of tube bending. However, you may be wondering why tubes would need bending in the first place. The reality is that straight tubes are not useful in every situation, so some things require tube bending. Tube bending is used for a variety of purposes, and many of these are present in our everyday lives, even if we don’t notice them. For example, tube bending can be used for a plumbing system to change the direction of the fluids running through pipes. It may also be used for musical instruments, furniture, air conditioning parts, and cars.

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