Why Our Waterjet Services are Environmentally Friendly

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Waterjet ServicesAt Stainless Outfitters Inc., our waterjet services are advantageous because they can be used to cut complex shapes out of stainless steel. This means that shapes with a minimal inner radii, as well as bevels and sharp corners, are all possible. While water jetting is beneficial because it can be used to bring detailed shapes to life, there are several reasons why this process is also good for the environment.

First, our waterjet services do not produce hazardous gases, chips, or grindings. Additionally, when water jetting is used, emulsions and cutting oils, which can harm the environment, are not used.

Second, since raw materials are priced at very high points and resources are often limited, water jetting’s ability to optimize material use ensures no materials are wasted. Not only does this benefit the environment, but it can also increase the cost-effectiveness of the cutting process.

What Do Our Waterjet Services Involve?

Our waterjet services involve using a tool that is capable of slicing into stainless steel using a jet of water at a high rate of pressure and velocity. This process is similar to the process of water erosion that occurs in nature, but it is accelerated to achieve results within a matter of minutes.

In order to reduce costs and enhance our waterjet services, we acquired a Flow 6×12 waterjet in March 2013. This technology gives us the ability to produce prototypes of new products in-house and cut many different types of materials, such as wood, glass, ceramics, bronze, copper, and of course, stainless steel. Additionally, waterjet cutting is done at relatively low temperatures, which eliminates a “heat affected zone” around the cut area, unlike the super-heated laser cut. This helps to maintain the composition of the material, which can be crucial in corrosive environments.