Safe and Secure: The Benefits of Handicap Handrails

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If you’re running a business, it’s important to keep accessibility in mind. People with disabilities, especially those using wheelchairs, need to be able to access the entrances as well. As such, accessibility ramps are crucially important. However, there is another element to these ramps that many don’t realize is equally important: handicap handrails.

Safe and Secure: The Benefits of Handicap Handrails

Handicap handrails serve more purposes that you might expect when first thinking about them. Obviously, they provide support for those walking up the ramp, and they also provide a safe barrier between the elevation of the ramp and the ground below. Another benefit, however, is that these railings can also provide extra help for those in wheelchairs to get up steeper ramps. Having something to pull forward with can be a huge asset for those who have to use the ramps frequently.

Weather can also be a massive detriment to those with mobility issues. Snow or rain on a wheelchair ramp can make it nearly impossible to get up, unless there are handicap handrails installed on the sides. Don’t leave your customers or visitors to solve their accessibility challenges on their own – it’s your responsibility as a business owner to take care of them.

If you notice that your handicap entrances are in need of railings, give us a call. It’s important to have professionals install handicap handrails so that safety and functionality are ensured. Don’t wait any longer; make accessibility a priority for your place of business today!