Move Over Wooden Stiles! Steel Architectural Railings are Where it’s At

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Whether you own a small home or a large home, a modest office space or a sprawling, upscale office building, you want to feel comfortable while keeping design and safety in mind. One of the coolest design elements that people often overlook is their railings. Most railings are made of generic or slightly modified wooden stiles, the same ones that can be seen in any other house or any other office building. If you’re looking for a fun and long-lasting way to increase your design appeal while also keeping others safe, architectural railings are the way to go!

Stainless steel is a great design material to work with because it has so many different variables that enable it to be worked into almost any design. It is a neutral metal, so it can fit into any colour scheme. If you want a different look, stainless steel railings can even be painted to fit a design. Because it can be so easily manipulated, you can design or find nearly any shape that will work into a design style. Whether you want ultra-modern, funky, or totally traditional, there is a way to shape the stainless steel to convey that in your overall design.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, architectural railings are incredibly safe and durable. While wooden stiles can break or shift over time, leaving part of your railing vulnerable, steel architectural railings will remain structurally sound for decades to come, even if they are heavily utilized.

If you’re looking to add some pizazz while also making a long-term safety investment, check out your architectural railings! At Stainless Outfitters Inc., we can help you get the design and solid construction you’re looking for.