Material Selection and Workmanship are Vital for Outdoor Art and Sculpture Creation

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If you have ever admired a gleaming and thought-provoking outdoor sculpture, such as The Mantis Queen, designed by Ron Baird and currently at the Orangeville Visitor Information Centre, and wondered if you could get a focal piece for your business or even your home, the answer is yes. You can commission someone like Ron Baird to design and create one for you, but you can also dig deep into your imagination and work with a stainless outfitter to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

Art and Sculpture

The Queen Mantis stands approximately 18’ high and the arms and head move gently when there is a breeze present. It was originally built for a private residence, but eventually donated to Orangeville. At a weight of more than a ton, it is certainly awe-inspiring and an amazing focal point. If you want something that will draw attention to your home or business, consider art and sculpture to do that for you.

There are two things to consider once you have settled on the appearance – material selection and workmanship. If you want to get the quality and durability that The Queen Mantis has, you’ll want to be sure that high quality stainless steel is used. You will also want to work with a company that has experience in this area.

If you really want the level of quality that Ron Baird trusts, go to the same source. Here at Stainless Outfitters Inc., we have been commissioned to create a number of art and sculpture pieces for Ron Baird, including the beautiful Queen Mantis. We use only quality stainless steel manufactured in North America that is certified for maximum corrosion resistance. We look forward to providing the creativity and innovation you need to get the perfect stainless art and sculpture for your home, business or municipality.