What to Know About Swim Platforms

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What to Know About Swim PlatformsOwning a boat of any size is very exciting and allows you to enjoy all kinds of adventures on the water—and in the water. However, getting into the water and back out of it onto your boat can be challenging if your boat is not outfitted with the proper features. Swim platforms make it easier to move between the water and your boat with ease.

Swim platforms are flat areas on the back of boats that offer a place for standing or sitting. They have various uses. If you need a space from which to dive into the water, a swim platform can be that for you. It can also be a place to sit while you dangle your feet in the water, a spot for fishing, or an area you can use for enjoying a variety of watersports like wakeboarding or water skiing.

Here are a few things to know about swim platforms:

  • The size of your transom matters. The size of your boat’s transom will determine which swim platform it can accommodate. You need the mounting area to be wide enough to install the swim platform.
  • You should carefully choose your ladder. Don’t just choose any ladder. Think about how often it will be used, who will use it, and how many steps it should have. If the bottom step is high, it will be harder to use, so unless the ladder is mainly for emergencies, look for a two- or three-step ladder instead of a single-step one when you consider swim platforms.
  • There are many different materials. Swim platforms can be made from various materials, but they must be able to withstand the water. Our swim platforms at Stainless Outfitters Inc. are made of stainless tube tubes with a marine polymer inlay.