Are Stainless Steel Countertops Right for You?

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When it comes to kitchen design, there are literally countless ways that you can go! With so many choices between tile, cabinetry, knobs, countertops and other materials, the design options are mathematically in the millions. This can be great news for people who are looking to customize their dream kitchen since you have a virtually unlimited number of possibilities to choose from for your materials. Yet, when it comes to countertops, many people think that granite is the only real choice. While granite is a great countertop material for your kitchen, if you visit any professional kitchen, you’ll find stainless steel countertops! Stainless steel makes for a great countertop material, but is it right for your kitchen? Let’s find out.

stainless steel countertops are entirely non-porous

Stainless steel is in industrial and professional kitchens because it is practically indestructible! This countertop material can really take all that you can dish out. Without worry of scorching from hot pans, spills, stains from foods or working with food colouring, stainless steel will continue to stand up to heavy use for decades. Additionally, because stainless steel countertops are entirely non-porous, they are impenetrable to bacteria and microbes, making them the cleanest choice out there.

Some reasons why people might not choose stainless steel countertops is that they give off a very modern look, and your style might lean towards a warmer traditional. However, you can mix and match styles of countertop to marry the best of both worlds. Another issue you might have with stainless countertops is that they do scratch, but most people see these scratches as character.

What do you think about stainless steel countertops? Are they right for you? Let us know at Stainless Outfitter Inc.