What You Can Expect When You Order Spiral Boat Stairs

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What You Can Expect When You Order Spiral Boat StairsIf you’re ready to make the switch from the outdated ladder in your cruiser to a more modern look and feel, spiral boat stairs may be a good choice for you and your boat. They’re safer to use, easier to navigate, and often better for your boat. Here is what you can expect when you order spiral boat stairs.

  • Customized sizing: The first thing you can expect when ordering spiral boat stairs is an online measuring guide. This will allow you to input the exact measurements of your boat, so we can customize the sizing and positioning of the stairs to make them fit just right.
  • Pre-assembled: Your spiral boat stairs may be picked up pre-assembled from our manufacturing plant. However, we will break it down to ship the stairs more easily. In that case, the parts will be clearly labelled and easy to reassemble.
  • Know all the parts: Your spiral boat stairs will include the steps made of a sturdy aluminum and topped with non-slip treads for extra safety and a stainless steel handrail for sturdy support.

Ordering spiral boat stairs is a fairly simple process, and you will find that the stairs will make traversing your boat a more positive experience. Between the aesthetic appeal and additional sense of security as you climb stairs instead of attempting the slippery and outdated ladder one last time, you will surely be happy with your order. If you would like to learn more about spiral boat stairs or the ordering process, just contact us.