Range Hoods: What They Are and Why They’re Necessary

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We at Stainless Steel Outfitters Inc. have extensive experience in stainless steel fabrication, and we make a wide variety of products, including railings, stairs, kitchen backsplashes, and more. We also specialize in creating kitchen range hoods, which are highly popular for a variety of spaces.

Range Hoods: What They Are and Why They’re Necessary

In this article, we’ll go over more about what kitchen range hoods are, what they do, and why you should consider adding one to your kitchen.

  • What are Range Hoods? A range hood is an appliance designed to remove dangerous fumes, cooking smells, smoke, and steam from your kitchen. These devices act as chimneys to vent these gases outdoors, preventing them from contaminating your indoor air supply. Range hoods come in a variety of forms, from large, obvious industrial models to more discreet under-cabinet varieties.
  • How do Range Hoods Work? In general, range hoods are equipped with fans to suck up fumes, and attached to air vents which channel these fumes outdoors. The hood is installed directly over your stovetop to collect everything from odors of cooking fish to gas fumes and vent it safely outside.
  • Why do I Need a Range Hood? Range hoods are essential for keeping your kitchen properly ventilated, especially if you have a gas stove. Using a gas stove in a poorly ventilated environment has been shown to have negative health effects, so we strongly encourage you to invest in a reliable range hood if you have a gas range. Of course, you should also use your range hood when cooking on an electric or induction stove, as the hood will prevent cooking smells from lingering in your kitchen and moisture damage from excess steam.