A Brief Guide to Sheet Metal Forming and its Applications

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Sheet Metal FormingSheet metal forming is one of the many services we are proud to offer here at Stainless Outfitters Inc. Otherwise known as metal fabrication, sheet metal forming is a process by which sheet metal is welded, burned, cut, or worked into a product that can be used. The main purpose of this process is to move or bend the metal so that it achieves a desirable shape without harming the strength or the quality of the product.

Industries That Benefit from Sheet Metal Forming 

There are many different industries that benefit from the sheet metal forming process every day. For example, metal fabrication is used in the automotive industry to create fenders, hoods, and doors. It is also used in the home appliance industry to create freezers, hoods, and sinks.

The Techniques We Use for Sheet Metal Forming 

Just as many industries benefit from the sheet metal forming process, many processes are used to complete metal fabrication, such as:

  • Spinning—Often referred to as spin forming, spinning involves using a metal disc, which is rotated at very high speeds, to create a particular shape out of metal.
  • Bending—This process is just as it sounds. When metal is bent, a heavy force is applied to bend the metal into the desired shape.
  • Roll forming—This particular process uses a variety of roll stations to roll and shape the metal into different positions. Each station is responsible for rolling a different piece of the metal to contribute to a larger shape.